Jiujitsu 201: From Blue to Black Belt and back to the Beginning

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If you thought the White Belt was hard...

Wait until you get your blue belt!

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I've just finished the final draft of my next book, Jiu-jitsu 201!

Yes, I did say final draft so it's not finished --just needs a cover and we're set.

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Jiu-jitsu 201: From Blue Belt to Black and back to the beginning:

Some people think the White Belt is the hardest belt... I think this is inaccurate. White Belt is hard, but the reality is, there's ZERO pressure on you since you're new. You're a blank slate, free to make mistakes.

BUT when you get your blue belt, all of a sudden people start thinking you know something.

The pressure is on to perform but you're still getting smashed like you used to.. except maybe not as bad.

In my opinion, the blue belt is the hardest belt.

The biggest challenge of the blue belt is understanding what to do next. There's seemingly a huge lack of direction here no matter how communicative you are with your instructors. With that said, figuring out "what now" can be the most challenging part of your journey moving forward.

In Jiujitsu 201, I answer the "what now" with a highly comprehensive guide to help you navigate the murky waters ahead.

I will help you learn a new language of jiu-jitsu in addition to show you the BIG paradigm shift of getting your blue belt (If you're not adapting, you will fail).

Further, I'll show you what it means to get to your purple belt AND give you the tools you need to get there more efficiently.

The purple belt, or as I call it, the "fun" or "attacking" belt, is where you'll need to be proficient with your offense with a set of principles that I break down piece by piece in hopes that you will be a highly effective brown belt (if you put in the work).

I then take you on the spiritual journey from brown to black and end with my personal experience as a black belt and what that truly means.

Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle and Longevity

This book isn't just about belts though. That's just a small, yet significant part of it.

I go in depth into various lifestyle considerations including

  • Injury Psychology (and how to bounce back from injuries)
  • Cross Training (Strength and Conditioning and other martial arts)
  • How Much, How Hard and How Often you should be training (This is a big one that few people understand)

And much, much more!

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Jiujitsu 201: From Blue to Black Belt and back to the Beginning

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I want this!